The Albertsons’ Company Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors program provided critical food assistance to Live & Learn women. This assistance helps women who are working hard to regain employment during the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recession.

33% of Arizona women live in poverty. Most of these women are the heads of their household, and they have children who depend on them. They live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet. When Covid-19 hit Arizona in March 2020, many women lost their jobs. Schools and childcare facilities closed. Households that were barely surviving were suddenly plunged into crisis.

Covid-19 has not only destabilized women and their families, it has overwhelmed resources in the community like food pantries. At a time that women need these supports more than ever, they are largely unavailable. The leadership of the Albertsons’ Company Foundation has stepped in to address this shortfall in the community, and it is in part thanks to the Foundation’s support that Live & Learn women have been able to regain employment during the pandemic.

Through the Nourishing Neighbors program, Live & Learn received $1,500 in food support for women who lost work due to Covid-19. These funds relieve women’s financial stress so that they can focus on job search, interviews, and securing employment.

We are incredibly grateful for the Albertsons’ Company Foundation support of Live & Learn women during this time. Already, 80% of Live & Learn women who lost work due to Covid-19 have secured new employment. Together, we are not just addressing community hunger, but empowering women to reach financial self-sufficiency.