Give Turkey & Give Thanks

This Thanksgiving was truly a season of giving and gratitude at Live & Learn! We hosted our first turkey drive. Generous donors provided turkey, side dishes, and desserts to women who could not afford to put a feast on their own table. Donors were so kind and generous. They went above and beyond to make the holiday special for hardworking women and their families. There were beautiful homemade desserts. Some donors delivered directly to the homes of women who lack reliable transportation. Other women came to our office to pick up their dinners and meet their donors. One woman took

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Homeless Court Forgives Those Trying to Do Better


As a teenager, Elizabeth and her mother did not have the greatest relationship. At the early age of 17 years old, Elizabeth was no longer welcomed into her mother’s home. She had no choice but to find somewhere else to live. Along the way, Elizabeth face obstacles and make choices that would affect her life negatively down the road, one of them being dropping out of high school. In her mid 20s, Elizabeth decided to turn her life around and began making positive changes as she is now a single mother of two. At the age of 25, she began

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Yoga & Wine for a Cause

In October, Live & Learn hosted our first Yoga & Wine for a Cause. We hoped it would be an opportunity to build our community and raise awareness about our mission. It turned out to be just that: a relaxing evening with old friends and newcomers sharing a love for yoga, wine, and our Phoenix-community – though maybe not in that order. This was an exciting evening for me. I am a yoga instructor at Pranayamamama Yoga, LLC, and I am an employee of Live & Learn. For this event, I got to bring two of my passions together: yoga

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