women education empowerment

Live and Learn provides women education empowerment and a structured pathway to economic independence.

We do this through personalized education for women, career guidance, job training, mentoring and financial assistance. Live and Learn’s program staff provide highly individualized support to each participant over a two-year period.  Success is measured by women completing training and education programs in areas with high employment demand, where there is a realistic opportunity for continued education and advancement. Another goal is to see our program participants secure and keep a job, along with developing a plan for continued education and training wherever possible/applicable.

Action Plan

Live and Learn develops a multi-step women education empowerment training plan  tailored to each individual’s circumstances and goals. Setting achievable milestones, and offering quality career training for women in Arizona, we offer real opportunities for continued education and advancement.


Live and Learn provides customized career guidance for women and one-on-one support. We also assist with educational costs, emergency assistance, and many other benefits on an as-needed basis for their participants.


Live and Learn works with the participants in our women education empowerment program over a 2-year period. Live and Learn is only a first step, not the last, but it works to give these women career guidance and set them on the path to economic independence.

“… Each step completed is a victory to be celebrated. Each milestone reached builds confidence and sets a new bar for what is possible and achievable.”
Denise Schubert – Chairman of the Board

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Financial Education for Women Program

Our economic empowerment through education program helps women impacted by poverty and violence.

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Support the Need of Women’s Education

We are always in need of volunteers, donors, grantors and community partners to support the education for women.

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Other Ways to Support our Program

Make a real difference through our education for women program, like using your Tax Credit or donating from our wish list.