4 Reasons to Love Empower Coffee Roasters

In April 2020, even as uncertainty and panic over the Covid-19 Pandemic swept Arizona, Empower Coffee Roasters opened its doors in Mesa, AZ. Founders Zach and Denise were on a mission to empower women, bean by bean, and their determination to support women was not to be stopped, not even by an unprecedented international crisis.

Here are 4 ways Empower Coffee Roasters stepped up to support women during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  1. Donating a percentage of proceeds to support the work of Live & Learn! Empower Coffee Roasters donated 5% of all sales from November 2020 to March 2021 to Live & Learn. This support is critical to Live & Learn women working to get back on their feet and continue their education and career, even as the pandemic rages on.
  2. Collecting school supplies for Live & Learn women going to college! With every purchase of coffee, Empower Coffee Roasters gave supplies like pens and notebooks, which were packaged as ‘College Readiness Kits’ for Live & Learn women going back to school while balancing work and raising their kids. Costs of school supplies can be prohibitive, and College Readiness Kits remove that obstacle.
  3. Highlighting the stories of women who empower women. Every Wednesday, Empower Coffee Roasters highlights a woman who empowers other women. It’s an inspiring way to show how everyone can make a difference by using their unique talents! Check out the stories and get inspired here.
  4. Roasting incredible coffee, sourced from women-owned farms. If you’re going to fight for gender equality, racial and economic equality, healthcare access, domestic violence protection reform, educational reform, quality childcare – phew, you’re going to need some caffeine. Empower Coffee Roasters purchases their coffee beans from women-owned coffee farms around the world. You can read more about the coffee farmers here.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been disastrous for Arizona women financially, educationally, and mentally. Domestic violence homicide in Maricopa County is up over 180%1. Fourteen times2 as many children are hungry as in 2019. Women’s job loss is setting gender economic equality back a generation3. But community champions like Empower Coffee Roasters are meeting these unprecedented challenges. Thank you, Empower Coffee Roasters, for investing in the community, believing in Live & Learn, and empowering women every day!