Salad and Go is a drive-through revolution spreading rapidly across Arizona. Founded in 2013 in Gilbert Arizona, they started with a mission to make fast food better and healthier for everyone. On the surface, the expansion of the popular Salad and Go restaurants might seem like the focus of their work, but that is deceptively simple. Salad and Go’s community impact cuts much deeper as they pursue their mission.

Affordable, convenient restaurants and healthy, organic ingredients are central to Salad and Go’s approach, but the Salad and Go family is working tirelessly towards broader social change in pursuit of their mission. They are building an economy that works for everyone, and, through collaboration with Live & Learn, they are achieving that goal.

To build an economy that works for everyone, Salad and Go is committed to building a diverse team at a fair wage. Offering fresh, healthy meals for everyone only works if everyone has adequate income to meet their family’s basic needs. The Salad and Go team, comprised of over 68% females, partners with organizations like Live & Learn to give employment opportunities to women with diverse backgrounds who are otherwise left out of the workforce. Joining the Salad and Go family is an excellent employment opportunity, and it is an enticing option for many Live & Learn women. Salad and Go offers good starting wages, a family-oriented and inclusive culture, and an environment that celebrates diversity; qualities that many Live & Learn women want in their career!

Additionally, to build an economy that works for everyone, Salad and Go invests in local poverty- alleviation organizations like Live & Learn. They have supported Live & Learn community events, and, in June and July 2020, gave their guests the opportunity to donate to Live & Learn. In two-months, the Salad and Go family raised over $18,000 to further Live & Learn’s mission!

By working together, Salad and Go and Live & Learn are building a Maricopa County that works not just for the few, but for everyone. Live & Learn’s approach to poverty alleviation is unique in offering a truly effective pathway to stability and self-sufficiency. Live & Learn does not offer a salve for the symptoms of poverty; rather, the program allows women whose entire lives have been shaped by poverty to rise out and become equal participants in our local economy. Salad and Go amplifies the impact of Live & Learn by offering quality employment opportunities and by investing in Live & Learn’s work.

Together, we are breaking the cycle of generational poverty and creating a Maricopa County that works for everyone!