Meet the Team: Joselena “Jocce” Cordero, Lead Client Coordinator

What is your role? What are your primary responsibilities?

My role at Live & Learn is Lead Client Coordinator. On a daily basis I meet with clients (virtually), guide them through a monthly Action Plan, provide them with resources, document their success, and more. As the Lead Client Coordinator, I am also here to offer support and guidance to other Client Coordinators.

When and how did you get involved with Live & Learn?

I began as an intern for Live & Learn my senior year of undergrad (fall 2019) and have been around ever since! As an intern, I worked with Stephanie, Live & Learn’s Program Manager, and learned a lot by seeing how she worked.

Why are you passionate about Live & Learn’s mission?

Every woman deserves the opportunity to become self-sufficient and independent. Live and Learn guides women to become just that. The joy we get from witnessing these success stories is indescribable. It is why I am passionate about our mission statement.

“Jocce is a fast learner, and she has a very compassionate heart. She really follows through with her clients. I’ve enjoyed watching Jocce grow and advance her skills, since she started as an intern.”

Stephanie, Program Manager

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