Thank you for your interest in the Arizona Tax Credit Program

Now you can reduce your Arizona taxes AND help Live and Learn serve female victims of extreme poverty, homelessness and domestic violence – AT NO COST TO YOU.

Donate to the Live and Learn Program and receive the amount of your contribution as a state tax credit against taxes owed! The Charitable Tax Credit allows Arizona donors like you to receive up to $400 for your donation to Live and Learn ($800 if married filing jointly). So, if you make a donation to Live and Learn, just list our five-digit code 20761 on your tax Form 321 to claim your credit.

Donating to our Program this way means we can continue to help underserved women achieve their career goals and make a better life for themselves and their families while you can reduce your Arizona taxes. It’s easy, and there’s no need to itemize – just make your gift before April 15th. Donate using the method that works best for you:

  • Donate online
  • Donate by check via mail to:
    • Live and Learn Program
      326 E. Coronado, Suite 201
      Phoenix, AZ 85004
Beginning 2018, taxpayers must include the nonprofit’s Qualifying Charitable Organization five-digit code when filing their taxes in order to claim this credit. Live and Learn’s code is 20761. For more information on the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, please click here to be directed to