Amidst a relentless pandemic, Desert Financial Credit Union has granted $5,000 to support Live & Learn. These funds will help low-income women regain employment despite challenges posed by Covid-19.

From the start, the pandemic has devastated low-income women. They are losing employment at a higher rate than any other group. They are often the primary caregiver for elderly or high-risk family members, as well as for children doing schoolwork from home. Isolation, stress, and worry are taking a serious toll on mental health. Rates of domestic violence are surging. Nonetheless, Live & Learn women are determined to secure new employment and return to self-sufficiency.

The pandemic presents complicated obstacles to returning to work. Childcare costs have skyrocketed, and safe childcare has become scarce. Internet access for searching for and applying to jobs is elusive because libraries are closed and low-cost internet is difficult to obtain. Public transportation is disrupted and risky for those trying to avoid exposure to the virus, complicating tasks like attending job interviews.

These are the obstacles that Desert Financial Credit Union’s funding will help women overcome. When women can get back to work, they rise off government assistance and return to stability. They ease the long-term impact of the pandemic on their children. They shorten the recovery time for the entire Phoenix-metro community.

Thank you, Desert Financial Credit Union, for supporting women during this unprecedented crisis and helping Phoenix-metro recover!

Erin Mowad
Live & Learn Development Manager