I Met Hope Today

In 2015, Jamie M. found herself living in her car with her three children. Though she worked fulltime at a small funeral home outside of Phoenix, AZ, she was earning minimum wage and receiving no benefits. Jamie had grown-up in poverty, and she was determined to make a better life for herself and her children. Through her 20s and into her 30s, obstacles and adversity seemed to catch Jamie at every turn. By the time she was single and living in her car, she had started to lose hope, wondering with increasing desperation whether she would ever lift her family

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A Survivor’s Success Story: Meet Jaymie

For 13 years, Jaymie lived in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship. She could see the effect it had on her two children, and she wanted desperately to leave for their sake. Without support, though, she returned, “cycling back” to the violence she so desperately wanted to escape. Then, in 2017, Jaymie was accepted into Live and Learn, where she has received the emotional and financial support she needed to break the cycle of violence, gain financial self-sufficiency, and heal herself and her children. Jaymie remembers her teenage years as a difficult time. Her father passed away from cancer. She

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A Survivor’s Success Story: Meet Paula

In August 2017, Paula started over. She boarded a Greyhound with her two young children, taking just a few bags of luggage. They were leaving their life in Michigan—their house, their friends, their possessions, and Paula’s abusive boyfriend, the father of her children. They were headed to Phoenix, Arizona, a place they had never been. For nine years, Paula had tried to break away from her abusive boyfriend, turning to domestic violence shelters eighteen times. “But I always cycled back, I always thought he changed and we could make it this time,” she explains. “Then one day, the physical violence

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7 Ways Live & Learn’s Mentor Program Empowers Domestic Violence Survivors

children and domestic violence

In the United States, 1.3 million women experience domestic violence annually(1). Domestic violence profoundly traumatizes victims, potentially affecting them for the rest of their lives if they do not receive proper support. We know from numerous studies that domestic violence has long-term negative effects on children, and that it creates a cycle wherein children who witness domestic violence are more likely to become abusers as adults. Through our mentor program, Live and Learn empowers female survivors of domestic violence to overcome their trauma, help their children, and build a better future for their families. Lasting Effects Being a victim of

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The Cycle of Generational Poverty

determined to beat generational poverty

The heart of our mission at Live and Learn is to break the cycle of generational poverty. But first, we must understand what it is. Can we break the cycle, freeing future generations of its negative effects? This is exactly what Live and Learn’s programs seek to achieve.  Understanding the Cycle of Generational Poverty The cycle of generational poverty is the vicious trap that occurs when a parent’s poverty permanently affects the lives of his/her children. Growing-up in poverty hinders a child’s emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development, and children raised in poverty have lower lifelong educational and professional attainment compared

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A Backpack Drive that Goes Above and Beyond

Backpack drive to help in our fight for women's education and empowerment

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to the employees of St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center in Glendale. They organized a backpack drive to ensure the children of Live and Learn AZ (a non-profit organization for women) clients have the supplies they need for the 2018-2019 school year. Children who grow up in poverty often lack access to a quality education, which is one of the leading forces behind the cycle of generational poverty. When members of our larger community, like the employees of St. Joseph’s, step in to mitigate these forces, they help put an end to the cycle of

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Meet Cathy – One of Live and Learn AZ’s Success Stories.

Cathy, a native Phoenician, knew what she wanted in life, and she followed all the proper steps. She wanted to become a Respiratory Therapist, a career that would allow her to alleviate people’s suffering, satisfy her interest in science, and provide a good living. After high school, she went to PIMA Medical Institute, graduated with good grades, and passed the Board Certification exams in 2009. Around the same time, she married and had a son. Despite following all the steps, Cathy would spend the next eight years unable to find employment. Live and Learn wasn’t just supportive with school and

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Pharmacy Technician Graduate

education for women 3

Before Pima Medical Institute I was working at a fast food restaurant. I realized that I wanted more for my family, so I decided to go to Pima Medical Institute to get some information about careers, PMI suggested the Pharmacy Technician program, and after looking into it I took their advice and decided to start school. Live and Learn help me a lot while I was in school as well as after I graduated while trying to find a job in the field.  They not only help me financially but they also motivated me throughout my whole journey. Now I

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